Collect (Golf) Member Subscription


Voice-controlled App used to capture, review and share video. Purchase includes 1 year subscription with unlimited video uploads to the online Clubhouse.

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The Collect App is a completely hands-free training solution that does not require hardware or sensors to be attached to your golf clubs or gloves. Without extra hardware, you have a more authentic golf learning experience. The Collect App makes video recording a golf swing readily accessible to anyone, anywhere by incorporating voice-control technology with your mobile device.

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The mobile and online Clubhouses are always available. Review your swing frame by frame or try our user-friendly drawing tools to check swing plane, alignment and much, much more. Share your swings on social media or send them to your instructor for a quick mobile lesson on the go.

    • recordRecord voice notes about each video


    • annotateAnnotate each swing video with easy-to-use drawing tools


    • compareCompare two videos side-by-side


    • replayReplay in slow motion, frame-by-frame, or pause


    • delete-favDelete and favorite videos


    • uploadReview, share and distribute videos


    • shareShare your video and comments to Facebook or Twitter