Instruct (Golf) Bundle PRE-ORDER


Automated coaching App to receive instruction at the driving range. FeedbacK Instruct blends Collect (technology) and Analyze (knowledge) to deliver computer generated golf instruction within moments after a swing.  Bundle includes a tripod and clamp to hold your phone and a Bluetooth speaker / microphone to enable the unique voice-controlled and automated coaching feature. Purchase includes 1 year Instruct subscription with unlimited video uploads and unlimited coaching analysis of videos saved in the online Clubhouse.

NO MONEY DOWN and receive 20% off the retail price when the App is released. PRE-ORDER using coupon code “PREORDER.”



The Instruct App is a completely hands-free training solution that does not require hardware or sensors to be attached to your golf clubs or gloves. Without extra hardware you have a more authentic golf learning experience. The Instruct App makes improving a golf swing readily accessible to anyone, anywhere by incorporating voice-control, computer vision and machine learning technology with your mobile device to provide instant Instruction at the driving range.


  • FeedbacK: Flex Tripod with clamp (Clamp compatible with most phones up to 3.5″ wide)
  • FeedbacK: Connect Bluetooth (Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices)
  • FeedbacK: Instruct App (with 1 year FeedbacK Clubhouse: Instruct Membership – $199.99 value)

Additional Features

  • Voice-controlled, hands-free technology captures and stores each practice swing as a separate video (no editing required).
  • On-screen overlay ensures correct camera position
  • Replay in slow motion, frame-by-frame, pause, or compare two videos side-by-side
  • Upload video to the online FeedbacK Clubhouse, annotate each swing video with easy-to-use drawing tools and record voice notes about each video
  • Post your video and comments to Facebook and Twitter